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[SALE] Spy Family Acrylic Charms

[SALE] Spy Family Acrylic Charms

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2" Clear acrylic charms of the cutest JJK kindergarten students with their senseis!

Charm is double sided printing, with a clear glitter epoxy coating! The epoxy coating covers the printing so no artwork will be scratched
Charms include a white braided strap and is perfect for hanging on cellphones, backpacks, lanyards, etc!

NOTE: if you see that the charm seems like the back is scratched, it's most likely the protective film on it! Please PEEL IT OFF and it'll be scratch-free.

Charm will take 1-3 business days to ship and once shipped, 2-5 days (domestic) and 2-4 weeks (international) to arrive!
Thank you! :D
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